LRM as SDG Ambassador

Sustainability is part of our mission, vision, and strategy. In everything we do within the LRM group, we therefore use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guiding framework. The SDGs are 17 objectives set by the United Nations to address global challenges by 2030. Together, the 17 SDGs form a sustainability agenda focused on society, economy, environment, human rights, and world peace.

The fact that we also translate our sustainable ambitions into reality is evidenced by the achievement of the sustainability label ‘SDG Ambassador’, awarded by UNITAR, affiliated with the UN. At the end of 2023, the LRM group became one of the first in Belgium to attain this prestigious label.

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SDGs on which LRM focuses extra efforts

With our sustainability initiatives, we actively contribute to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, we have selected 6 material goals on which we focus extra efforts, as we believe that, specifically within LRM, we can achieve the greatest impact in these 6 areas.

Click on an SDG to learn about the initiatives undertaken by the LRM group for that particular SDG.

Affordable and Sustainable Energy (SDG No. 7)

LRM invests in innovative and impactful climate projects and eco-initiatives. We have the expertise and resources to undertake strategic impact projects in green energy production: wind turbines, solar energy, energy storage, and more. Therefore, we develop projects where the economy and ecology go hand in hand.

Some achievements

Kristal Solar Park Lommel

The Kristal Solar Park in Lommel comprises 303,000 photovoltaic panels and covers an area equivalent to 200 football fields. In total, it generates 100 megawatts of electricity.
Learn more about the largest solar park in the Benelux region on VRT News.

Watch video.

Watch the video

Floating solar panel park

At the border of Mol and Dessel, in 2020, we inaugurated the first floating solar panel park in Flanders. Covering five hectares, it is the largest in Belgium. Annually, it will generate electricity for approximately 2,000 households, contributing significantly to renewable and sustainable energy generation.

Read more about the opening on VRT News..

Lommel wind(t)

Limburg Win(d)t

Limburg Win(d)t NV is a Belgian producer of green energy located in the province of Limburg. It was established in 2009 by Aspiravi NV and LRM.

Limburg wind(t)

Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG No. 8)

In everything we do within the LRM group, we aim for economic growth, increased employment, and greater prosperity in the region.

Some examples

Corda Campus

By 2030, we aim to expand our Corda Campus in Hasselt, situated on the former Philips site, from 14 to 23 hectares. The existing 250 companies on the Corda Campus are projected to increase to 350 by then, with employment potentially growing from 5,000 jobs to 7,500.

Read all about it on VRT News..



With LRM, we are investing in the transformation of the former industrial mining site ‘Terhills’ into a sustainable tourist and recreational destination with international appeal and high experiential value. In total, 219 hectares of former industrial land have been converted into nature (100 ha) and recreation (119 ha). From an economic perspective, the highlights at Terhills include the Terhills Hotel, Terhills Cablepark, Elaisa Wellness, and Terhills Resort, a sustainable holiday park with 250 vacation villas.

ESG scan to assist companies

With LRM, we have developed an ESG scan to assist companies in assessing their performance in terms of environmental impact, social responsibility, and corporate governance—collectively known as Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG).

The scan provides a clear picture of a company’s sustainability and identifies risks and opportunities related to sustainability. It aims to raise awareness among companies and enables them to develop concrete action plans. Additionally, the ESG scan undergoes regular evaluations to ensure its effectiveness.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (SDG No. 9)

The LRM group is transforming the economic landscape by developing innovative real estate and infrastructure projects.

Additionally, we provide venture capital to companies with promising projects, enabling them to increase their positive impact.

In 2022, LRM also developed a sustainability scan, which we use as a policy compass when making investment decisions.

Innovative real estate:

Thor Park

Thor Park in Genk, spanning 93 hectares, is a comprehensive redevelopment project on the former Waterschei coal mining site in Genk. It is a business, technology, training, and science park with the ambition to become the leading competence center in three domains: energy transition, smart manufacturing, and smart city applications.

TVL aired the opening of FacThory at Thor Park. You can watch it here.

Corda Campus

With over 250 companies and 5,000 people, the Corda Campus in Hasselt is one of the largest business campuses in Europe. The mix of start-ups, scale-ups, and corporate companies creates a unique ecosystem. By 2030, LRM will expand the campus by 9 hectares, enabling more than 2,500 additional people to work there. With the arrival of the Corda Arena in 2025, the campus will have the largest digital experience arena on the continent, ideal for events hosting up to 4,000 people.


DronePort provides a state-of-the-art testing environment for drones. It hosts a vibrant ecosystem of researchers, startups, and entrepreneurs in the drone industry, as well as a specific incubator for young companies.

In 2023, an unmanned passenger drone transported medical cargo, marking a European first. You can watch this event again on Kanaal Z.

Venture capital:

Hippo Dx Raises €4.4 Million in Funding

Hippo Dx has developed an innovative device that enables hospitals to conduct allergy tests faster, cheaper, and more accurately.
To scale internationally, the company has raised a total of €4.4 million from existing investors as well as from LRM and the American Allerfund Ventures.

Breakthrough Loan of €250,000 for Recybuild

Recybuild, a family-owned company specialized in sustainable, recycled plastic products, has received a Breakthrough Loan of €250,000.
The Breakthrough Loan is an initiative by VLAIO Team Business Trajectories, UHasselt, and LRM to support companies with Limburg connections in their ambitions to internationalize, digitize, and/or become more sustainable.


BlooLoc Raises €2.2 Million for Digital Revolution in Logistics

BlooLoc specializes in indoor positioning solutions for the healthcare sector and logistics industry. Through their digital co-pilot, they make forklifts smarter and safer.

Following an initial capital raise in 2019, BlooLoc successfully completed a second round of funding totaling €2.2 million in 2023.

LRM, an early investor, reaffirms its confidence in this rapidly growing scale-up, alongside Brahim Boulbahaiem.


Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG No. 11)

LRM invests in experiential real estate to help enhance the appeal and tourism potential of our province while creating sustainable jobs. Currently, LRM is working on the redevelopment of the former mining site of Beringen under the banners of be-MINE and be-NATURE. We are investing specifically in tourism projects that have a positive long-term impact on the region. Similar to what we did at Terhills, we aim to transform be-MINE into a tourist destination with numerous attractions that draw visitors from across the region.

In the realm of mobility, we also play a pioneering role with our innovative mobility projects. For instance, since the spring of 2023, self-driving shuttles have been operating at our Terhills site, without onboard safety stewards. This is a first for Belgium!

Some examples

Redevelopment mining sites

LRM invests in experiential real estate to enhance the appeal and tourism potential of Limburg while creating sustainable jobs.

Currently, LRM is working on the redevelopment of the former mining site of Beringen under the banners of be-MINE and be-NATURE. We are investing specifically in tourism projects that have a positive long-term impact on the region.

Similar to what we did at Terhills, we aim to transform be-MINE into a tourist destination with numerous attractions that draw visitors from across the region.

shuttle Terhills

Pioneering in Mobility

LRM also takes a pioneering role in mobility with our innovative mobility projects. For example, since the spring of 2023, self-driving shuttles have been operating at our Terhills site, without onboard safety stewards. This is a first for Belgium!

IncubaThor interieur

Sustainable Incubators

Another example showcasing our ambitions to contribute to sustainable cities and communities is our focus on sustainable businesses within our incubators:

  • Greenville: focusing on circular economy
  • IncubaThor: focusing on Smart Energy, Innovation & Technology
  • Agropolis: fostering innovative companies in agriculture and horticulture

Climate Action (SDG No. 13)

With LRM, we undertake impactful climate projects that contribute to both Flemish and international climate objectives. We strongly emphasize the sustainability of our own sites by installing features such as solar panels and charging stations.

To ensure streamlined operations and effectively translate ideas into concrete actions, we have established an internal team called ‘LRM Climate.’ One of our ambitions is to equip our own LRM sites with a total of 20,000 solar panels and 500 charging points by 2026.

Some achievements

Battery Project at Terhills

On the SME zone of Terhills, we have installed 140 large batteries. This provides a sustainable alternative to using gas-fired power plants for balancing the electricity grid. You can watch the report on TV-Limburg.

Watch on TV-Limburg

Terhills Solar Park

In May 2021, Terhills inaugurated two brand-new solar panel parks. The two parks—one on land and one on water—span a combined area of 3 hectares, featuring 7,000 solar panels and producing a total of 3MWp.

Watch the video

Pumping surface water

LRM prevents flooding by pumping surface water that no longer finds its natural path due to subsidence in former mining areas. This water is directed towards the canal. It’s important to emphasize that only surface water is pumped, not drinking water or mine water.

This is not considered water wastage. Groundwater expert and VUB professor, Marijke Huysmans, confirms this. The water downstream serves various purposes such as irrigation, drinking water supply, infiltration into neighboring soils, and maintaining stream levels. Constructing reservoirs requires significant investment and is not economically viable.

Initiatives from LRM Climate

With LRM Climate, we are committed to the sustainability of all LRM locations. This includes initiatives such as installing solar panels, charging stations, promoting sustainable mobility, and other energy-related projects. For example, our Corda Campus features 84 charging points and a fast-charging station for 24 electric vehicles. Currently, there are 31 charging stations at Terhills. If the current capacity proves insufficient, additional charging stations will be installed.

Our charging station projects are co-funded by the European Union.

Watch on TV-Limburg

Good Governance (SDG No. 16)

With LRM, we offer ‘smart money’: in addition to financial support, companies can also rely on our expertise, experience, and network to further professionalize themselves. Furthermore, we provide them with innovative real estate and they can benefit from a strong community network.

To give you an idea: in 2022, we invested 58 million euros in Limburg companies and projects. Of this, 41 million euros were allocated to business financing for startups, scale-ups, mature, family-owned, and industrial companies. We also allocated 17 million euros for real estate investments in campuses, incubators, mining sites, and industrial estates.

Some achievements

Sustainable Entrepreneurship in collaboration with UHasselt

To better understand how we can assist companies at every stage of their growth and how we can get more companies on board with sustainability, we have established a Chair of entrepreneurship in Sustainable Entrepreneurship in collaboration with UHasselt. This chair focuses on three pillars. In addition to sustainable investments and investing in long-term partnerships, the focus is on sustainable growth to ensure that those who start can also sustainably scale their businesses.

Read on VRT

Sustainable Investments

At LRM, we are not only making our own sites more sustainable; we also extend our commitment to sustainability to the companies in which we invest. That’s why ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors and sustainability are standard components of all our investment processes.

To make informed investment decisions, we have developed an ESG scan. This scan assesses factors related to the environment, social engagement, and corporate governance. In other words, it evaluates Environment, Social, and Governance aspects, abbreviated as ESG.

The results of the scan are critically reviewed by both our investment team and the management and Board of Directors of LRM. The scan provides a clear picture of a company’s sustainability and identifies risks and opportunities.

Furthermore, our ESG scan takes into account certain exclusion criteria. Companies with connections to or presence in North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, or Syria are excluded. Additionally, financing is not provided to companies involved in the following sectors/activities: arms industry, gas and oil industry, tobacco products and commodities, gambling companies, sex industry, production activities related to asbestos fibers and PCBs. This list is non-exhaustive and subject to change by LRM.

Why an ESG Scan?

This creates awareness about the environment, social engagement, and proper governance within companies.

It serves as the perfect starting point for integrating sustainability into the corporate strategy. Based on the scan’s results, our portfolio companies can set targeted goals and develop concrete action plans.

Our ESG scan also includes regular evaluations.

Sustainability Reporting

In addition to our ESG scan, we voluntarily adhere to the principles of Article 8 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). The SFDR rules align with regulations stemming from the EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance. They require financial institutions to disclose certain sustainability information, both at the entity and product levels.

LRM is not subject to these regulations. However, we consider them important and have therefore consciously chosen to voluntarily apply the principles of Article 8. These principles apply to fund managers who qualify their funds as having sustainable characteristics (light green).

Regulations and principles regarding sustainability are still evolving. Therefore, adjustments are made regularly to apply the most recent applicable principles and report in accordance with them. Curious about some examples of our sustainable initiatives? Discover them in our consolidated annual report.

Tailored advice for transitioning to a more sustainable future

Are you looking to invest in your production process, infrastructure, or operations with a focus on sustainability? And do you lack the time and/or expertise to delve into it? Then LRM is the right place for you.

Within LRM, we offer energy transition capital: funding for various projects, as long as sustainable energy transition is the goal. Think of geothermal energy, wind power, battery parks, and more. Not only do we assist with financing, but we also take care of the entire project management, including subsidies, permits, market surveys, and legal matters.

Would you like to brainstorm with us about energy transition in your company and explore the associated financing options? Schedule a appointment with us.

Nathalie Roosen
SDG Ambassador / Senior investment manager
Luc Driesen
Senior projectmanager Klimaat
Jeroen Bloemen
Jeroen Bloemen
Chief Corporate Affairs Officer / SDG Ambassador
Tim De Ceunynck
Tim De Ceunynck
Projectmanager mobiliteit

The LRM Climate Team

Our colleagues Jeroen Bloemen, Nathalie Roosen, Tim De Ceunynck, and Luc Driesen make up the LRM Climate team. Together, they are committed to the sustainability efforts across all LRM locations. This includes initiatives such as solar panels, charging stations, sustainable mobility, and other energy initiatives.

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