LRM redevelops former
Limburg mining sites.

With LRM, we invest strategically in experiential real estate on the former mining sites in Beringen and Eisden (Maasmechelen). On one hand, we aim to enhance the appeal and tourist potential of Limburg. On the other hand, we aim to achieve a positive long-term impact on the region.

Specifically, LRM is currently working on the redevelopment of two former mining sites: in Beringen, we are doing this under the name be-MINE, while in Eisden (Maasmechelen), we have named this project Terhills.

LRM's Mining Sites


The Beringen mining site encompasses 100,000 square meters of existing building heritage, making it the largest industrial heritage site in Flanders and unique in Europe. The site is being redeveloped by be-MINE nv, a collaboration between the Limburg investment company LRM and the private developers Ciril and Van Roey Vastgoed.

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Through its project company Terhills nv, LRM transformed the area of the former mining grounds of Eisden (Maasmechelen) into a supra-regional leisure site. Terhills serves as a significant catalyst for employment and economic growth in the region.

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Mining Heritage

LRM is the heir of the former Limburg mining sites and manages the remaining mining heritage. Today, these places are no longer extracting underground resources but rather shaping the future.

LRM not only manages the remaining mining heritage but also provides care for all aspects related to the mines. This includes managing the pension fund for miners and pumping surface water.

By pumping surface water (not drinking or mining water) that cannot find its natural course due to subsidence in former mining areas, LRM prevents flooding in those areas. The water is then directed towards the canal.

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