About LRM

Together, we are writing a sustainable success story.

Our mission

LRM is a return-driven investment company that unlocks and stimulates sustainable economic growth in and from Limburg. LRM is the driving force in a unique regional ecosystem, providing risk financing and expertise to companies and projects that contribute to prosperity and well-being in Limburg and Flanders.”

Our strategy

LRM, with the Flemish Region as its shareholder, leaves its mark on the economic and social growth of Limburg through the following core activities:

  1. Financing companies with a Limburg connection: providing loans and capital for start-ups, scale-ups, and mature companies.
  2. Development of innovative real estate: infrastructure for economic activities (e.g., incubators and campuses).
  3. Conversion of old mining sites: giving new purpose to former mining sites.
  4. Realization of ambitious strategic projects: LRM takes a leading role in current topics such as sustainability, mobility, climate, etc.
  5. Building a regional ecosystem: fostering a strong network and vibrant start-up community.

Strong international partnerships

LRM also focuses on internationalization to strengthen the business fabric of Limburg. We primarily aim to establish a good relationship with the USA through a partnership with the Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce, Belcham. Furthermore, we bridge the gap between Asia and Limburg through a collaboration agreement with Budding Innovation, fostering international startup connections.

We also prioritize opportunities in the Euregion (Dutch Limburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Liège, and Wallonia) by collaborating with LIOF and NRW.BANK. Finally, as one of the very first official SDG Ambassadors in the world, we are deeply committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), seeking information, awareness, and inspiration through UNITAR and Cifal Flanders.

Our Team

Behind all our projects, sites, incubators, investments, transformations, and achievements are exceptionally talented teams. Colleagues who, with unbridled enthusiasm, foster the growth and flourishing of Limburg.

Our Board of Directors

LRM’s Board of Directors Composition: Frederick Vandeput, bestuurder / Jeroen Bloemen, secretaris / Tom Vanham, CEO / Jules Noten, bestuurder / Mark Maesen, voorzitter / Peter Vavedin, bestuurder / Karlien De Turck, bestuurder / Gert Vandewaerde, CFO / Frieda Brepoels, ondervoorzitter / Kristof Schiepers, ondervoorzitter / Hans Wilmots, bestuurder / Hilde Essers, bestuurder / Andy Pieters, regeringsafgevaardigde


Raad v

LRM group structure


Mining sites


Key figures

Up to 2022, LRM has received €355 million in operational funds from the government, comprising the sum of the initial capital of €250 million and subsequent capital increases. Since 1994, LRM has already paid out €387 million in dividends to the Flemish Region. This year, we will add another €10 million.

The dividend tally, a significant indicator of our societal impact, now stands at €397 million. The LRM dividends, channeled through Flanders and the LSM foundation, entirely benefit Limburg projects such as education, nature, culture, and tourism. In summary, it can be stated that LRM has already more than repaid the government’s initial investment.

Figures to be proud of

LRM ended 2022 with a consolidated profit of €11.751 million. This marks the second consecutive year that LRM has surpassed €10 million in profit. In 2022, LRM reinvested €58 million in 77 companies and projects. The equity of LRM increased in the fiscal year 2022 to over half a billion, precisely €505 million.

Investment volume in 2022

Counting from 1999, LRM surpassed the milestone of 1 billion euros in investments in Limburg in 2022. Since LRM always invests in collaboration with others, it can be stated that LRM has been involved in investments totaling 3 to 4 billion euros in companies and real estate projects in Limburg.

Specifically for 2022: €58 million went to 77 different Limburg companies and projects (real estate, climate, etc.). €41 million was allocated to corporate financing, providing support to start-ups, scale-ups, and mature companies. The remaining €17 million went to real estate investments such as campuses, incubators, mine sites, business parks, and climate projects.

2022 in numbers

  • 105 portfolio companies
  • 116 KlimOp companies
  • 49 Plus companies
  • 282 companies in our incubators, accounting for 1,162 jobs

3 campuses, 7 incubators

LRM develops and manages a network of seven incubators and three campuses (Corda Campus, Thor Park, and DronePort) and invests in the transformation of industrial estates to create sufficient space for entrepreneurship.

With pride, LRM can state that its real estate portfolio has moved more than one stone in recent years. In 2024, after years of preparation, construction will begin on the Corda Arena, the first digital arena on the European mainland. This groundbreaking initiative will put Corda Campus, Hasselt, Flanders, and Belgium in the international spotlight.

In Genk, LRM, the City of Genk, and KU Leuven officially launched ‘Thor Park nv’ and committed to investing €40 million in the further development of Thor Park. At the end of 2023, the smart manufacturing building ‘the FacThory’ was put into use, where companies and knowledge institutions collaborate on smart manufacturing.

DronePort, on the other hand, has a strong strategic partner in Brussels Airport Company, which takes a stake of approximately 30% in DronePort.

At Kristal Park III in Lommel, new companies were attracted in collaboration with FIT and VLAIO. These companies will invest hundreds of millions of euros in Lommel and will create more than 1,000 new jobs combined. And that’s just the beginning, as there is still plenty of available space for entrepreneurship there.

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