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“Revolutionary security camera company Secury360 breaks out with private investors, Apixa and LRM”

Secury360, the revolutionary security camera company founded by Frederick Jacobs and recently awarded as Limburg’s Start-up of the Year, raises 2.5 million euros from investment firm LRM, the internationally active high-tech company Apixa, and several private investors. With this funding, the company, headquartered in Zonhoven, aims to accelerate its commercialization efforts both domestically and internationally. Additionally, the funds will be used to further invest in research and development, including AI, hardware, and their IoT platform.

Since 2019, Secury360 has been pioneering innovative technology in the realm of security systems. Their system, powered by artificial intelligence, enables proactive detection of intruders on the exterior of a building, a crucial difference compared to systems that only detect intruders once they are inside. This approach also helps prevent considerable property damage.

Awards at home and abroad

At the core of the system lies artificial intelligence, resulting in significantly greater accuracy and ease of use in securing a property. The system can be integrated with both new and existing camera systems and boasts unparalleled accuracy with minimal false detections.

With over 1,000 customers on their reference list, Secury360 has tapped into a significant market potential. Founder and CEO Frederick Jacobs aims to have 30,000 installed cameras in both domestic and international markets by 2026. The company’s innovative system has garnered attention not only domestically but also internationally, earning Secury360 the prestigious ‘Innovative Achievement Award’ at the Detektor International awards in Stockholm.

The revolutionary AI technology impresses from day one

In its short history, the Limburg-based start-up has successfully attracted multiple investors with its innovative AI technology. With funding from LRM, VLAIO, and private investors, Secury360 is well-positioned to realize its ambitious growth plans both domestically and internationally.

In its short history, the Limburg-based start-up has already convinced several investors with its innovative AI technology. Additionally, in 2021, Frederick Jacobs approached the Limburg Investment Company LRM for a KlimOp loan. With this subordinated loan, LRM provides growth capital for small businesses with promising projects. In 2022, a breakthrough loan from LRM, combined with a subsidy from VLAIO and capital from three business angels, followed.

To further realize its ambitious growth plans both domestically and internationally, Secury360 is now undergoing a capital round with LRM, along with several private investors. Among these private investors are Limburg’s top entrepreneurs Ismaël Ben-Al-Lal, Wouter Uten, Bart Verstrynge, Tom Martens, Lieven ‘s Heeren, and Peter Van Eylen. Interestingly, the first three entrepreneurs have been investors in Secury360 since its inception.

Finally, Apixa is also investing in Secury360. This Leuven-based high-tech company serves as the R&D partner of Secury360 and is responsible for developing state-of-the-art person detection software that operates on the Secury360 IoT platform. The company has an international presence and boasts a diverse clientele, including major multinational corporations and smaller niche players. They, too, believe strongly in the enormous potential of Secury360 and are joining the company with capital.

From Limburg to global citizenship

With those 6 private investors, Apixa, and LRM, Secury360 raises a total of 2.5 million euros. Tom Vanham, CEO of LRM, states, “Secury360 has all the elements to transform the security industry worldwide with its revolutionary AI technology. The company already collaborates with major control rooms worldwide thanks to numerous integrations. Furthermore, the precision and effectiveness in threat detection and securing businesses, homes, and construction sites at Secury360 are already unparalleled with very high accuracy. Interest in Secury360 is already emerging from all corners of the world – from Austria to Australia – and we are convinced that this interest will only grow. Lastly, Frederick Jacobs is surrounded by promising entrepreneurs as shareholders. They are all seasoned entrepreneurs with a knack for innovation and are known for their technological edge. From LRM, we are pleased to step in with additional capital so that Frederick can fully expand from Limburg to the rest of the world.”

Frederick Jacobs, CEO of Secury360, adds, “LRM believed in our product and team from the very first conversation. Therefore, it was a logical step for us to choose LRM in this round as well. They not only provide ‘oxygen for growth,’ but they are also a valuable sounding board for our international ambitions.”

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